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# -*- mode: org -*-
User experience is improved when all commands of a tool behave
similar. To ensure this kind of consistency, this file lists guidelines
that all commands need to honor.
* --verbose or -v gives more verbose output
* --quiet guarantees silence for success
* calling without parameters gives the help text
** does not apply to all -list command (obviously)
** if a command can work with defaults it still requires --default or -d
to fulfill the "no empty parameter list" requirement
* help messages SHOULD distinguish between required arguments and
optional arguments
* All command SHOULD prevent unknown options
** The code for this should be imported and not duplicated as it is now
* CLI manipulates testruns, preconditions, hosts, queues, scenarios and
testplans. For each of these elements a "new", "update" and "delete" should
exist. The actual work should be done in associated Tapper::Cmd modules to make
it reusable for WebGUI.