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Tapper - turn your bash scripts into TAP test scripts (with optional Tapper support)
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tapper-autoreport is a "bash include file" you can add ("source") at the end of your own bash script.

It then magically turns your bash script into a "Tapper test suite".

It also allows your bash script to be executed locally via the prove command, a standard tool to run test scripts that produce TAP output ("Test Anything Protocol") -- without requiring an actual Tapper framework.

Due to that and no other external dependecies it's a good starting point to write actual function tests that are reusable.

It collects meta information from system, reports test results and can upload logs and other files over network to a Tapper server.


An autoreport based script

 #! /bin/bash
 . /tapper-autoreport --import-utils
 # your own stuff here ...
 . /tapper-autoreport

Run via 'prove' (a standard test utility)

The tool prove is a standard tool available in every Linux distribution. This executes the script locally and reports success:

 $ prove ./
 ./ .. ok
 All tests successful.
 Files=1, Tests=5, 20 wallclock secs
 Result: PASS

Run directly to report to Tapper

This runs the test script which then sends test report to a Tapper server:

 $ ./
 # http://tapper/tapper/reports/id/129218
 # - upload ./ ...
 # - upload /boot/config-2.6.32-22-generic ...
 # - upload /proc/cpuinfo ...
 # - upload /proc/devices ...
 # - upload /proc/version ...

More info

For more info please read autoreport manual.

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