Gtracker - Manage your Pivotal Tracker stories and tasks from the tray bar
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images Changed icon and implemented the tooltip method Apr 18, 2010
.gitignore Showing icon Apr 18, 2010
README First commit Apr 18, 2010 Fixed bug when saving configurations. It was not using the correct ke… Aug 24, 2010 Separator between stories. Apr 21, 2010 Updating stories using Dbus. Apr 22, 2010 Removed flag for manual checking. Now if check manual, the next Apr 28, 2010 Inserted a try block to avoid throwing an exception when checking Jun 15, 2010 Better messages on notifications Apr 27, 2010 Notifications only for stories that changed since the last check. Apr 28, 2010 Task class implemented Apr 19, 2010


Gtracker - Control your Pivotal Tracker stories from the tray bar