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vACCBiH sector/pof files for VRC


Caution! These files are only usable with VRC and are not compatible with Euroscope!

For Euroscope use this version.

v. 1302

Global changes

  • Changed coordinates for waypoints TIMID and NORPI in accordance with AIRAC 1302 and NOTAMs A2668/12 and A0085/13
  • Slightly adjusted coordinates for KEB, KIS VORs to match published navdata
  • Added waypoints: ADNAN, EMKES. Remember to display them via your clients "View Settings"

LQSA changes

  • All newly published LQSA star diagrams can now be displayed on radar for reference. Tracks are combined where applicable to mimize screen clutter. Check your View > Diagrams to enable disable the STAR tracks. Please note that the approach tracks are also depicted as STARS, as the sct file format does not separately support approaches.
  • Added the new ILS S approach and its transitions as a radar diagram (under the STARS section). Please study the chart carefully, as this is perhaps the most important addition of this update, contaning the transitions from the new IAF fixes ADNAN, EMKES, NORPI and TIMID where the new STARs terminate to the localizer 12.
  • List of the new LQSA STARs as implemented in the new sector file: BOSN1N, NORP1L, SARA1L, KEB1P, VRAN1M, GILU1P, GILU1L, MOST1L, MOST1P. Easy mnemonics for the new STARs: all "L" STARS terminate at TIMID, all "P" STARs terminate at ADNAN, all "N" STARs terminate at NORPI, all "M" STARs terminate at EMKES

v. 1211

  • Adjusted new frequency for Mostar Tower

v. 1210

Compared to our Euroscope new versions here's what you get and what you don't:

What you get

  • Accurate updated navaids
  • Accurate updated ground layouts for LQSA, LQMO, LQBK
  • Accurate updated SID / STAR / APP tracks that can be displayed for reference for LQSA, LQMO, LQBK (View => Diagrams... Menu)
  • Accurate airspace rendition with correct names
  • Accurate station information, frequencies and sq ranges for all BiH ATC stations

What you don't get

  • None of the freetext elements that are only supported by Euroscope
  • None of the extended position information, sector ownership logic and vis centers, that are only supported by ES
  • No automatic airport activation, automatic metar loading, auto assignable rwys and SIDs, only supported by ES
  • No separate GEO zones, all GEO can only be shown or hidden at once


Upgrading from version 0904

Remove the following files:

  • LQSBV1.4.POF
  • LQSB_0904.sct

Replace with the files from this package:

  • LQSB.sct

Now you can open the new LQSB sector file in your VRC and adjust what features you want displayed.


vACCBiH sector files for VRC



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