xdg-su — run a GUI program as root after prompting for the root password
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    The xdg-su script is an unmaintained part of xdg-utils package 
which is a set of simple scripts that provide basic desktop integration 
functions for any Free Desktop, such as Linux.

    They are intended to provide a set of defacto standards.  This
means that:
    *  Third party software developers can rely on these xdg-su
       for all of their simple root integration needs.

    *  Developers of desktop environments can make sure that their
       environments are well supported

       If a desktop developer wants to be certain that their environment
       functions with all third party software, then can simply
       make sure that these utilities work properly in their environment.

       This will hopefully mean that 'third tier' window managers
       such as XFCE and Blackbox can reach full parity with Gnome and KDE
       in terms of third party ISV support.

    *  Distribution vendors can provide custom versions of these utilities

       If a distribution vendor wishes to have unusual systems,
       they can provide custom scripts, and the third party software
       should still continue to work.


    Building is not required, xdg-su  script is located in the
scripts/ subdirectory and is ready to be used.

    You can optionally choose to install the script
to a target directory.  To do this, you could issue
the following commands:
         ./configure [--prefix=<your-place-here>]
        make install
that would cause the scripts to be installed to


    Although I expect that this scripts will generally come as part
of the operating system, i recommend that you package the scripts
that your application needs along with your product as a fallback. 

    I recommend that you place this script in a directory, and
then add that directory to the end of the PATH.


    I'm trying to expand limits of this peace of code with my limited coding knowledge
and i really need help and assistance. If you find a bug or want to request something
please feel free to report to me or do it yourself!
											    Atilla ÖNTAŞ <tarakbumba@gmail.com>