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@Totktonada Totktonada released this Jun 3, 2020 · 1 commit to master since this release


This release bring support of tarantool 1.10 and newer.

Breaking changes

Tarantool versions below 1.10 are not supported anymore.

Existing code that use the module should work good with a new module on a new tarantool.


  • Destroy SASL context at connection closing (PR #45). It fixes a memory leak.
  • Fixed expire fiber startup on tarantool-1.9+ (#44).
  • Find library when the module is installed using tarantoolctl rocks (PR #46).
  • Avoid using of global stats and retval variables (PR #54).
  • Fixed ER_NO_TRANSACTION on tarantool-2.2+ (#53).
  • Fixed undefined symbol errors due to lack of a reference to library (PR #57).
  • Worked around the segfault due to small library ABI mismatch (#59).


  • Optimize SET command (PR #41). Skip fetching of a tuple we're about to replace.
  • Revived CI / CD (#49). Verify against tarantool-1.10 now.
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