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open source TS/JS #ActorSystem that allows you to create #fullstack applications focusing on your #domain #logic and delegating the rest to us.


What is Tarant?

Tarant is an extensible full-stack actor model that allows you to build aplications focusing in the bussiness logic and allowing the platform to abstract other concepts that are common to all applications (ex. serialization, rendering, networking) through our modules.


Is Tarant for me?

If you are thinking on creating applications you should give it a try. Tarant is a generic framework, it can be used for any type of applications so it's very likely you can get benefits from the actor model. Types of applications written with tarant:

  • Web Servers
  • Web Applications
  • Control Planes
  • Embedded Agents

Ready to get started?

Find out how to start in 5 minutes with our quick start guide. You can also take a look at our examples, visit the page or our repositories and start exploring.


  1. tarant tarant Public

    Reactive, actor based framework that can be used in client and server side.

    TypeScript 59 3

  2. tarant-vue tarant-vue Public

    vue renderer materializer for the tarant framework

    TypeScript 6

  3. tarant-local-storage tarant-local-storage Public

    Tarant resolver and materializer for storing actor states in the local storage of the browser


  4. tarant-sync-client tarant-sync-client Public

    remote-sync client resolver and materializer for the tarant framework


  5. tarant-sync-router-express tarant-sync-router-express Public

    remote-sync server for bindings for tarant and express


  6. tarant-db-persist tarant-db-persist Public

    persist actors in database



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