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el-get-cask --- Cask interface on El-Get

el-get-cask helps migration from Cask to El-Get. It is actually a wrapper to interpret Cask DSL on top of El-Get.


To use like Cask do:

cd ~ && git clone .el-get-cask

Or if you are already using El-Get, just put this in your Emacs init file (after the El-Get installation code):

(el-get-bundle tarao/el-get-cask)


Write the following code into your Emacs init file (normally ~/.emacs.d/init.el).

(when load-file-name
  (setq user-emacs-directory (file-name-directory load-file-name)))

(require 'el-get-cask "~/.el-get-cask/el-get-cask.el")

Then, place a file named Cask in the directory where your Emacs init file is located. The contents of the file is Cask DSL.

Next time you run your Emacs, packages defined in Cask file are installed. You can also use El-Get commands such as el-get-install or el-get-update as usual.

Directory to install

If you are not using El-Get directly, all the packages are installed in .el-get-cask directory under the same directory where Cask file is located. el-get-dir variable is overridden to .el-get-cask to make El-Get work. In this case, packages maintained by package.el are installed in .el-get-cask/elpa and package-user-dir variable is overriden to this directory.

Otherwise, if you have El-Get installed before loading el-get-cask, then the directory settings of El-Get and package.el are used (they are ~/.emcas.d/el-get and ~/.emacs.d/elpa by default).

Using El-Get sources

In addition to the package.el sources, El-Get sources (recipes) can be added by source DSL command as the following code.

(source el-get)

If you add El-Get sources, depends-on command installs a package from an El-Get source if available. When there is no package available in El-Get recipes, depends-on falls back to a package.el source.

Note that if you depends-on a package not in El-Get recipes but one of its depending packages is in El-Get recipes, the recipe of depending package is not used unless you explicitly depends-on the depending package (i.e., the depending package is also installed by package.el). If you explicitly depends-on the depending package with its :type not being elpa, package.el may warn you that "Unable to activate package package. Required package depending-package-version is unavailable". This is because the first package is installed by package.el but its depending package is installed by the other source (such as git). Normally, you can ignore this warning since the all packages are installed in some way and they will work fine except there is version incompatibility.

Extended notation

With el-get-cask, depends-on is just a syntactic sugar for el-get-bundle. All notation for el-get-bundle including package name modifiers and an initialization form are available for depends-on command. See the documentation of el-get-bundle for the detail.


  • Only source and depends-on are supported in DSL.
  • This package does no provide CLI. Use commands of El-Get by M-x on Emacs or try el-get-cli for install/update by commands.