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The code in this repo won't work beginning to end! Alright, so I majorly fucked up: I've been milking this analysis for over a year (read my whining here:, and finally got tired of it and published what I had. Right before that, I started refactoring the code... But since I'm a dumbass and an amateur, I only refactored half of it, and now it won't work as expected. For better or for worse, I broke out the code into 7 (SEVEN!) fucking scripts (each took a while to execute, so I created parts and checkpoints), so I was still able to run the final part of code that generates charts. But the other scripts may or may not work.

Since I really want to re-do this analysis in a different way anyway (7 scripts is an overkill), I didn't feel like fixng this mess.

But now this GH repo has been mentioned in the Revolutions Analytics blog (, and so I'm expecting some traffic to this repo...

So, to all the visitors: don't use this shit! LOL. I'll write better stuff, just give me time.

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