A tool for sharing files with Dat in the Beaker browser
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PasteDat is a peer-to-peer gist-like tool. It uses the Beaker browser's APIs to write files with the Dat protocol.

All file snippets created with PasteDat are hosted directly from your devic and on a peer-to-peer network, and only people who know the secret URL can discover and download the files. Learn more.

Install Beaker, then try it out at dat://43dfc9f23fdded8cc7c01c71c0702a0529130af0258e7fb30bf5a0a3f73d69b3

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With Beaker

Download the Beaker browser, then open PasteDat at dat://43dfc9f23fdded8cc7c01c71c0702a0529130af0258e7fb30bf5a0a3f73d69b3. To enable PasteDat while you're offline, save it to your Library in Beaker.

With the Dat CLI

To create your own instance of PasteDat, clone the source, build it with npm, and then serve with the Dat CLI:

git clone git@github.com:taravancil/paste-dat.git
cd paste-dat
npm install
npm run build
dat share

Finally, open the the Dat URL in Beaker.