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Be explicit about the number of params that on_change takes

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commit c3723c62c68ebd065ba569baecfedc86d052cee2 1 parent f01eaf0
@rares rares authored
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6 ext/
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ static VALUE Coolio_StatWatcher_attach(VALUE self, VALUE loop);
static VALUE Coolio_StatWatcher_detach(VALUE self);
static VALUE Coolio_StatWatcher_enable(VALUE self);
static VALUE Coolio_StatWatcher_disable(VALUE self);
-static VALUE Coolio_StatWatcher_on_change(VALUE self);
+static VALUE Coolio_StatWatcher_on_change(VALUE self, VALUE previous, VALUE current);
static VALUE Coolio_StatWatcher_path(VALUE self);
static VALUE Coolio_StatInfo_build(ev_statdata *statdata_struct);
@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ void Init_coolio_stat_watcher()
rb_define_method(cCoolio_StatWatcher, "detach", Coolio_StatWatcher_detach, 0);
rb_define_method(cCoolio_StatWatcher, "enable", Coolio_StatWatcher_enable, 0);
rb_define_method(cCoolio_StatWatcher, "disable", Coolio_StatWatcher_disable, 0);
- rb_define_method(cCoolio_StatWatcher, "on_change", Coolio_StatWatcher_on_change, 0);
+ rb_define_method(cCoolio_StatWatcher, "on_change", Coolio_StatWatcher_on_change, 2);
rb_define_method(cCoolio_StatWatcher, "path", Coolio_StatWatcher_path, 0);
@@ -180,7 +180,7 @@ static VALUE Coolio_StatWatcher_disable(VALUE self)
* Called whenever the status of the given path changes
-static VALUE Coolio_StatWatcher_on_change(VALUE self)
+static VALUE Coolio_StatWatcher_on_change(VALUE self, VALUE previous, VALUE current)
return Qnil;
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