Assignment of ivars inside try/catch statements generates internal compiler errors #14

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Example code:

Compiler error:

/Users/tony/src/reia/ variable '__match_placeholder_0' unsafe in 'try' (line 3)
/Users/tony/src/reia/ variable '__rebind_op_0_0' unsafe in 'try' (line 3)
/Users/tony/src/reia/ variable '__reia_ivars_1' unsafe in 'try' (line 3)
exception error: no match of right hand side value error
  in function  reia_bytecode:compile_submodule/3
  in call from reia_bytecode:'-compile_submodules/3-lc$^0/1-0-'/3
  in call from reia_bytecode:compile_expressions/3
  in call from reia_bytecode:compile/3
  in call from reia_internal:compile/2
  in call from reia_internal:load/2
  in call from 'System':load/2
  in call from 'reia_eval#1289_684691_194000':toplevel/2
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