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An unobtrusive gem manager
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Sam: A Ruby Package Manager

Sam provides unobtrusive management for Ruby gems


  • Be fast
  • Be really fast
  • Minimize the runtime component as much as possible
  • Stay mostly compatible with the existing RubyGems ecosystem
  • Be complimentary to RubyGems instead of trying to replace it
  • Combine package management and dependency resolution into a single tool
  • Depend only on the Ruby standard library


Sam installation presently requires git. Install Sam with the following:

curl -s | ruby

This script can also be used to update Sam to the latest version.


Sam isn't quite ready to use yet


A lot of people aren't happy with how RubyGems works today. This has lead to a slew of alternative Ruby package managers like SlimGems, rip, rup, and jerk. While these are all noble attempts, none of them provide automatic dependency management. Sam attempts to provide similar functionality to RubyGems and Bundler in a single, simple-as-possible package.


  • Fork Sam on github
  • Make your changes and send me a pull request
  • If I like them I'll merge them and give you commit access to my repository


The name comes from the given name "Sam", but if you insist on making it into an acronym, here are a few suggestions. Pick whichever one you like best:

  • Standalone Archive Manager
  • Simple Archive Manager
  • Spiffy Archive Manager
  • Silly Archive Manager
  • Stupid Archive Manager
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