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#347 RF Connectors

Notes on miscellaneous RF connectors.


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All about Radio Frequency connectors and cables, typical applications:

  • between VCR and TV receiver (back in the day!)
  • into cable TV, satellite dish
  • cable modems
  • ham radio
  • test equipment

Typically use coaxial cable.

BNC Connectors

BNC - Bayonet Neill–Concelman.

See also:


How to install a BNC connector on RG-58 coax

w2aew has a great video on crimping your own RG-58 connectors:


A similar technique works for RG174, although with those I find extreme care is required not to destroy the inner pin (I've destroyed a few with just a little extra force when crimping)

Crimping Tools

I have an AN-02H1 crimping tool, which conveniently handles RG58 and RG174, among many others.


F Connector

  • F Quick Connect - non-threaded, goes over thread
  • used RF splitter
  • RF adapter - F connect to RCA
  • F connector - wikipedia
  • F-Type connector series - Amphenol’s F-Type is a 75 Ω connector featuring 30 dB return loss at 1GHz.


SMA connector

SMA (SubMiniature version A) connectors are semi-precision coaxial RF connectors. SMA connectors can be visually confused with the standard household 75-ohm type F coax connector


UHF Connector



Coaxial Cable

  • Coaxial cable - wikipedia
  • RG-58/U - 50Ω Used for radiocommunication and amateur radio, thin Ethernet (10BASE2) and NIM electronics, Loss 1.056 dB/m @ 2.4 GHz. Common.[22]
  • RG-59/U - 75Ω Used to carry baseband video in closed-circuit television, previously used for cable television. In general, it has poor shielding but will carry an HQ HD signal or video over short distances
  • RG-174/U - 50Ω - Common for Wi-Fi pigtails: more flexible but higher loss than RG58; used with LEMO 00 connectors in NIM electronics.
  • RG-213/U - 50Ω - For radiocommunication and amateur radio, EMC test antenna cables. Typically lower loss than RG58. Common.[30]

Typical Crimp Die sizes

Cable Pin Ferrule
RG-59 0.068/1.72 .255/6.48
RG-174 0.068/1.72 .178/4.52

Credits and References