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#222 StairStepGenerator

Generate a stair-step waveform with analog components.

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Once again I'm inspired to go and build a circuit by yet another great tutorial from w2aew.

I won't try and repeat the circuit description here - see the video and attached notes. Suffice to say, it is quite an ingenious combination of 3 sub-systems:

  • a "high" (265Hz) frequency pulse (555 timer) provides the charge to step-up the output
  • the step pulse feeds an OpAmp pulse integrator/accumulator
  • a low frequency pulse generator (OpAmp oscillator) provides the reset pulse that clears the accumulator and resets the 555

I'm using an LMV324 opamp, which gives decent rail-to-rail performance. It has a maximum supply specification of 6V, hence I'm running the circuit at 5V only.


This is a trace of the circuit on a breadboard (a little noisy). But it works!

In this trace:

  • CH1: 555 timer signal
  • CH2: reset pulse
  • CH3: output




The Schematic

The Build

Credits and References