Alternatives to TARDISgo

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Other unofficial projects implementing Golang in some way

  • llgo - A LLVM-based compiler for Go
  • GopherJS - A transpiler from Go to JavaScript for running Go code in a browser
  • igo - A simple interactive Go interpreter built on exp/eval with some readline-like refinements
  • arogue - A Go-Repl using R underneath (port of GopherJS)
  • hho - early work on a mutant Go transpiler to HHAS for HHVM (Assembler for Facebook's complete toolchain for the PHP language)
  • gruby - Go lang to Ruby transpiler
  • JGo - the Go programming language to/on the Java Virtual Machine (written in Scala, project seems to be dormant)

Page hosted by the TARDISgo project: A Golang->Haxe->JavaScript/Flash/Java/CPP/CSharp/PHP/Neko transpiler

If you want your project listed above, please e-mail the author.

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