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Automatically upload screenshots into a discord channel


This program automatically uploads new screenshots that appear in a folder on your computer to Discord and posts them in a channel:


Point it at your Steam screenshot folder, or similar, and shortly after you hit your screenshot hotkey the screenshot will appear in your discord chat.

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What you'll need

Getting started


Binaries are available for Mac, Linux and Windows here.

From source

You'll need to download Go, check the code out somewhere, run 'go generate' and then 'go build'.

Using it

dau configuration is managed via its internal web interface. When the executable is run, you can visit http://localhost:9090 in your web browser to configure it. On Windows, a tray icon is created to provide access to the web interface.

The web browser will be loaded automatically when you start the program, if possible. This option can be disabled in the settings.

Configuration persists across runs, it is saved in a file called '.dau.json' in your home directory.

The first time you run it, you will need to configure at least the discord web hook and the watch path for dau to be useful.

While running, dau will continually scan a directory for new images, and each time it finds one it will upload it to discord, via the discord web hook.

dau will only upload "new" screenshots, where "new" means a file that appears in a directory that it is watching, if it appears after it has started executing.

Thus, you do not have to worry about pointing dau at a directory full of images, it will only upload new ones.

Configuration options

See the web interface at http://localhost:9090 to configure dau. The configuration is a single page of options, no changes will take effect until the "Save All Configuration" button has been pressed.

Global options

  • Server port - the port number the web server listens on. Requires restart
  • Watch interval - how often each watcher will check the directory for new files, in seconds

Watcher configuration

There can be one or more watchers configured. Each watcher looks in a particular directory, and uploads new files to a different discord channel.

Each watcher has the following configuration options:

  • Directory to watch - This is the path that dau will periodically inspect, looking for new images. Note that subdirectories are also scanned. You need to enter the full filesystem path here.
  • Discord WebHook URL - The webhook URL from Discord. See for more information on setting one up.
  • Username - This is completely optional and can be any arbitrary string. It makes the upload appear to come from a different user (though this is visual only, and does not actually hide the bot identity in any way). You might like to set it to your own discord name.
  • Watermark - Disabling the watermark will prevent dau from putting a link to the projects on the bottom left hand corner of your uploaded images. I really appreciate it when you leave this enabled :-)
  • Hold Uploads - See "Holding uploads" below
  • Exclusions - You can set one or more arbitrary strings to exclude files from being matched by this watcher. This is most commonly used to prevent thumbnail images from being uploads.

Holding uploads

If the "Hold Uploads" option is selected, newly found files will not immediately be uploaded. They will be available in the "uploads" tab of the web interface. This has two purposes:

  • It gives you a chance to vet your screenshot selection before uploading
  • It allows you to edit the images before uploading.

In the list of uploads there are three actions you can take on each file:

  • Press "upload" to upload the image
  • Press "reject" to reject the image
  • Click on the image thumbnail to edit the image

If you click on the image thumbnail, an image editor will open, and allow you to add text captions to your image. More functionality is coming soon. When you are finished editing, choose "Apply" and you will return to the uploads list. Click "upload" to upload your edited image.


  • Only files ending jpg, gif or png are uploaded.
  • If multiple screenshots occur quickly (<1 second apart) not all may be uploaded.
  • Files to upload are determined by the file modification time. If you drag and drop existing files they will not be detected and uploaded. Only newly created files will be detected.


Please check the "log" page on the web interface for information when things are not working as you expect.


Open an issue and let me know what you'd like to see.

Please include any relevant logs from the console when reporting bugs.