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Kinect Ragdoll

This program lets you control a 2D ragdoll using a Kinect. Currently runs on Windows only.

How to play
1. Download and install the Kinect for Windows SDK (
2. Plug in a Kinect
3. Launch the game
4. Put your arms out and behind you to fire thrusters out of your hands and feet
5. Use various tools to draw physics objects and set up objectives / hazards.

Adding Physics Props
Use the toolbar on the side.
- Pointer tool: drag on background to select objects, drag on object to move it.
- Rectangle tool: drag to create a rectangle
- Nail tool: click to add a nail that pivots an object on the background
- Joint tool: click to add a joint between two objects.
- Polygon tool: you'll figure it out.
- Turrets: you can place auto-tracking turrets that shoot bullets / lasers / rockets.

Note: nails and joints can be turned into motors via the property editor.

Making Selections
Select the pointer tool and drag a rectangle to make a selection. The selected objects will turn yellow and appear listed in the selection editor. (press 'P')

You can modify your selection with the checkboxes in the selection editor, and perform various operations on the selected objects.

Using the Property Editor
The property editor can change the attributes of any physics object. To begin editing an object, you must highlight it in red by either right-clicking it or choosing edit from the selection editor.

You can navigate to other objects within the property editor by highlighting an object and clicking "Go to selected".

- You will go limp for a while if you take a hard hit to the head.
- If you've fallen and you can't get up, try putting your hands above your head and then swinging them down to your sides.
- The thrusters get stronger the more you put your hands back. The game compares the position of your hands to your 'torso'.
- The game gently tries to rotate the ragdoll so that it's leaning at the same angle you are.
- One player at a time for now.