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Run on CI, Apply Rules on the Build and Get the Result back to the Pull Request.
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What's Koshry?


  • is a dev tool, runs during your CI Build or on your Local Machine Build.
  • gives your team the ability to monitor pull requests and take automatic actions depend on your rules result.
  • create a report of the result of applying your rules on the pull request and post it back as a comment on the pull request.
  • is written in Kotlin and runs on JVM.
  • has some of the ready rules for common use cases.
  • is customizable, you can write your own Custom Rule, everything is a Rule in Koshry.
  • works on any project whatever the programming language you use in your project

Run Koshry in 3 steps:

1- Add Koshry to your build process:


implementation "io.github.tarek360.koshry:koshry:0.0.4"

2- Invoke Koshry with one rule at least.

val koshryConfig = koshry {
    rules {
        rule = rule1
        rule = rule2

3- Add one environment variable to your CI.

Add your git host (Github for example) token as an environment variable to allow Koshry post a comment and update the commit status. Use KOSHRY_GIT_HOST_TOKEN as a key of the environment variable.

Koshry Rules:

Each Koshry Rule does some work then returns a Report (or not) as a result of that work.

While you can create your own custom rule, Koshry has some of the ready rules, you can make use of them directly. These rules are applied to the git diff of the pull request.

  • LineRule: Apply a condition to all of the added and modified lines in the pull request.
  • FileRule: Apply a condition to all of the added and modified files in the pull request.
  • ProtectedFilesRule: Protect a list of files to be changed by someone hasn't permission to make a change.

Check the Wiki to know How to write Koshry Rules

Koshry works automatically with:


  • Feel free to fork and open a pull request.
  • Open an issue if you found a bug or you need help.

How does Kosrhy work?

In a brief, when you call, Koshry applies all the rules you have set and it aggregates all of the reports returned from the rules to one report, then it posts that report as a comment on the pull request.

Note: Kosrhy applies all of the rules sequentially.

I use Koshry in Koshry

I use Koshry here in this repository to apply some rules like JaCoCo Test Coverage rule to set the minimum percentage of test coverage of PRs, check Koshry report on one of my PRs here

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