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* Convoy:
- broadcast
- test failure modes
- make incoming messages concurrent! back with new util. thread pools
- step up/step down transitions on Role objects
- i_own call-in to the convoy
- write up some use cases and scenarios
- distributed key/value system?
- more logging and cleaner logging for consensus server routing table
* diesel + quickstart-based launcher (glowplug?) consolidation
(deprecate the Application object and make everything
fork_ etc based including keep-alive stuff)
* get dowski's queue back?
* merge in timdoug's UDP support from 2.x
* native resolver using UDP code
* finish tests
* docs
* website
* community features (nice process for protocol extension development
and distribution?)
* postgres bindings
* memcache bindings
* operation now in progress broken on connect
* Modify palm to be ctypes-based.. becauuuse..
* Integrate diesel with PyPy once it has first-class
JIT-enabled greenlets