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This directory holds scripts and config files for using "The Grinder".

Quick start:

* Download The Grinder via and follow it's 
  instructions - in summary:
  - Download the .zip distro and unpack the .jar files somewhere.
  - set CLASSPATH={PATH_YOU_INSTALLED_TO}\lib\grinder.jar

* Run a stand-alone test:
  % java net.grinder.Grinder
  To see the statistic for this type of run, you must view the tail of the
  out_*.log file generated by the run.

* Run a large test
  % java net.grinder.Console
  and on each machine you want to use for testing:
  % java net.grinder.Grinder
  Start the tests from the console.  The cumulative stats will be reported
  in this console.

* Configure the tests: Open the file and look for the
  'linkdrop.*' options.

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