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Molosonic is a Molotov extension to use a real browser in your Molotov tests.

Molosonic integrates Arsenic into the Molotov session, so one browser instance is launched per worker.

Molosonic was not release yet on PyPI, so to try it, make sure you have Python 3 and virtualenv and geckodriver in the PATH, then:

$ virtualenv .
$ bin/python setup.py develop

To make sure your setup works, try this example:

$ bin/molotov -w 5 --max-runs 1 examples/simple.py

It will run five browsers and interact with example.com

Once installed, you can use setup_browser and teardown_browser to create a browser instance.

Load test example:

from molosonic import setup_browser, teardown_browser
import molotov

async def _setup_session(wid, session):
    await setup_browser(session)

async def _teardown_session(wid, session):
    await teardown_browser(session)

async def example(session):
    firefox = session.browser

    # go to example.com
    await firefox.get('http://example.com')

    # wait up to 5 seconds to get the h1 element from the page
    h1 = await firefox.wait_for_element(5, 'h1')

    # print the text of the h1 element
    print(await h1.get_text())

Check out Arsenic documentation for the available API.

To run 5 Firefox browsers in parallel, each one doing the test 10 times:

$ molotov -cxv --max-runs 10 -w 5 loadtest.py