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from functools import partial
import os
import binascii
import asyncio
import molotov
from molosonic import setup_browser, teardown_browser
from etherpad import EtherpadLite, Notifier
PAD = ''
def init_test(args):
if args.workers < 5:
raise Exception('We need at least 5 workers for that test')
async def _setup_session(wid, session):
await setup_browser(session)
async def _teardown_session(wid, session):
await teardown_browser(session)
async def example(session):
get_var = molotov.get_var
firefox = session.browser
pad = get_var('pad', partial(EtherpadLite, firefox, PAD))
notifier = get_var('notifier' + str(session.step),
wid = session.worker_id
if wid != 4:
# I am NOT worker 4! I read the pad
# go to the pad
await pad.visit()
# wait for worker #4 to edit the pad
await notifier.wait_for_writer()
# get the text
text = get_var('text')
# read the pad until its text is edited by worker #4
while True:
content = await pad.get_text()
if content == text:
# notify that the pad was read
await notifier.one_read()
# I amuworker 4! I write in the pad
if session.step > 1:
# waiting for the previous readers to have finished
# before we start a new round
previous_notifier = get_var('notifier' + str(session.step),
await previous_notifier.wait_for_readers()
# generate a random text
text = binascii.hexlify(os.urandom(128)).decode()
molotov.set_var('text', text)
# worker 4 is adding content into the pad
await pad.visit()
await pad.set_text(text)
# sleep 10 seconds before notifying readers
await asyncio.sleep(10.)