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* Powerhose worker spawning the processus and receiving / sending back
* messages through zeromq.
#include <iostream>
#include "tokencrypto.h"
#include "libhose.h"
#include "response.pb.h"
using namespace tokencrypto;
using namespace std;
using namespace powerhose;
* Reads the master secret and put it in the registry
* @param Registry reg the registry to use
* @returns void
void readMasterSecret(Registry reg){
string master = (char*) readFile("master");
pair <string, string> master_pair = pair <string, string>("master", master);
* Regarding the information contained in the registry, generates a salt and
* derivate the master secret with it.
* This function is meant to be used with the powerhose library, thus the
* signature.
* @param
string derive_secret(string job, Registry reg) {
// get the master secret value from the registry
Registry::iterator iter = reg.begin();
iter = reg.find("master");
byte* master;
if (iter != reg.end()) {
master = (byte*) (iter->second).c_str();
// Generate the salt
byte* salt = generateRandomSalt(DEFAULT_SALT_SIZE);
// Derivate the key
byte* okm = deriveKey(256, (byte*) master, 256, salt, 256);
// return the OKM and the salt
Response resp;
resp.set_salt(&salt, sizeof(salt));
resp.set_secret(&okm, sizeof(okm));
string string_resp;
return string_resp;
int main(int argc, const char *argv[])
// building the map of functions
Function fderive = Function("derive_secret", &derive_secret);
Functions functions;
// running 10 workers
return run_workers(10, functions, &readMasterSecret, NULL);
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