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Automation as a Service

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What it does

GREASE is designed as a system to enable generalized and large scale automation efforts. Rather than approaching automation via manual scripts, scheduled runs in a task runner system, GREASE is designed to be completely hands free. This enables true and actual automation and reduction of toil. GREASE is designed to stop the decades old mentality of operations and operators from break/fix work, and redirect their efforts to the principles of SRE. A common simile for GREASE is: "Let Operations STOP fighting all these fires (automated preventable incidents), install the sprinkler system (GREASE) and begin performing arson investigation (helping solutions portfolio working on & prioritizing their backlog/Designing better processes and infrastructure)

GREASE provides a simple JSON configuration schema for issue detection and a safe Python command class for implementing resolutions.

How it works

GREASE runs 24/7/365 monitoring sources you define and based on configuration can act on these sources. These actions can be anything you can do in python.

Out of the box GREASE is very minimal, it is but an engine. Similar to Django, you write your application, GREASE just serves it.

Getting the Docs

  1. Install sphinx pip install sphinx
  2. generate the docs by running make html
  3. Use a web browser to read the docs starting at <project root>/docs/_build/index.html


  1. Python2.7
  2. Pip
    • requests
    • pymongo
    • psutil
    • psycopg2
    • elasticsearch
    • psutil
    • FOR WINDOWS ONLY pypiwin32



Simply run pip install tgt_grease


  1. Clone this repo to your machine
  2. from the created directory run python install