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A modified version of Ken's Library that allows sending and recieving from the same sketch
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This is my modification of the awesome library IR that Ken Shirriff made ( 

The latest versions of Ken's library seem  to be unable to send and receive IR codes in the same sketch which was a problem for me as I wanted to make an IR repeater/transceiver. So I took an old copy of the library (from here

But the new version has some features that I want, so I am slowly ripping out the good bits of the new library and adding it to my copy

Because this is based on the original library by Ken.
* It will only work on Duemilanove and UNO boards (no Mega, Lilypad or Teensy support yet – sorry)

As I find features that I want to add (i.e. new codes and mega support) I will try to add them and upload to git.

I have added (code taken from the latest version of the libary and various blogs/forum posts and some of my own code):
* Decoding hash codes for unknown protocols
* Sharp and Dish Transmitting 
* Samsung Transmitting and Decoding
* JVC Transmitting and Decoding
* Panasonic Transmitting and Decoding

November Update:
* Added 64bit support for RC6 (Xbox 360 support)
* Updated the Examples
* Bug Fixes
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