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Tari Labs University is an open source, curated set of materials developed by the Tari Community to help facilitate knowledge transfer and education.
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Welcome to Tari Labs University

Our mission: To be the premier destination for balanced and accessible learning material for blockchain technology, digital currencies and digital assets.

We hope to make this a learning experience for the team at Tari Labs and the Tari community at large - as a tool to grow our blockchain knowledge base or as a refresher. Either way, here at Tari Labs, we think this will be an excellent resource for anyone interested in the myriad of disciplines required to understand blockchain technology.

Tari Labs would like this platform to be a place of learning - accessible to anyone, irrespective of their degree of expertise. Our aim is to cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to the Tari protocol, starting at a beginner level, extending down a path of deeper complexity.

The Tari Labs University online book is rendered here.

Errors, Comments and Contributions

Our team at Tari Labs wants this collection of educational presentations and videos to be collaborative affair.

We are learning alongside you. We don't claim to know everything about digital currencies or blockchain technology, and our content will not be perfect the first time around. Therefore, we invite you to alert us of errors and issues, or better yet, if you know how to submit a pull request, you can write the correction yourself.

Although this learning platform is called Tari Labs University and it will see input from many internal contributors, we also encourage our Tari community experts to contribute to new material, either in the form of a topic suggestion, a formatting suggestion, or even posting presentations that you think will benefit the growing Tari community. In the words of Yoda, “Always pass on what you have learned”.

If you are considering contributing content to Tari Labs University, please be aware of our guiding principles.

Guiding Principles

  1. The topic researched should be potentially relevant to the Tari protocol; Chat to us on #tari-research on IRC if you're not sure.
  2. The topic should be thoroughly researched.
  3. An critical approach should be taken taken (in the academic sense), with critiques and commentaries sought out and presented alongside the main topic. Remember that every white paper promises the world, so go and look for counterclaims.
  4. A recommendation/conclusion section should be included, providing a critical analysis on whether or not the technology/proposal would be useful to the Tari protocol.
  5. The work presented should be easy to read and understand, distilling complex topics into a form that is accessible to a technical but non-expert audience. Use your own voice.

The Submission Process

This is the basic process we follow within Tari Labs. As an external contributor, we'd appreciate it if you followed the same process.

  1. Get some agreement from the community that the topic is of interest.
  2. Write up your report.
  3. Push a first draft of your report as a Pull Request.
  4. The community will peer-review the report; much the same as we would with a code Pull Request.
  5. The report gets merged into master.
  6. Receive the Fame and acclaim that is due.

Future Topics

View our pipeline* below.

# Topic
1 Distributed Hash Tables (DHT) Application to Block Chain
2 The Application of Howey to token sales on public blockchain networks, Part 1: The Efforts of Others

* Future topics in the pipeline are subject to change.

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