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What is Aurora?

Aurora is a reference-design mobile wallet app for the forthcoming Tari digital currency. The goal is for creators and developers to be able to use the open-source Aurora libraries and codebase as a starting point for developing their own Tari wallets and applications. Aurora also sets the bar for applications that use the Tari protocol. In its production-ready state, it will be a beautiful, easy to use Tari wallet focused on Tari as a default-private digital currency.

Want to contribute to Aurora? Get started here in this repository.

Build Instructions

Swift Style Guide

Code follows Github's style guide and the SwiftLint is run on each build using. Code is linted on each build.

Getting started

git clone

This will also create a default env.json file for sensitive vars. Adjust these settings as needed.


Third party frameworks and Library are managed using a pre-compiled Tari binary from as well as packages from Cocoapods and Carthage.

Pods used

- pod 'SwiftLint'
- pod 'FloatingPanel'
- pod 'lottie-ios'
- pod 'SwiftEntryKit', '1.2.3'
- pod 'ReachabilitySwift'

Carthage packages used used

- binary "" == 400.6.3

Version Management

  • Build Number willl increased for each iTunes submission and are increased automatically with fastlane
  • App version will only increase on app submiting to App Store

Folder Structure and Architecture

Coming soon.


  • development will be the semi-stable branch with tag on each stable merge. This is the branch from where IPA should be published to iTunes Test Flight.
  • master will have code that are fully stable with release on each merge. App store publishing should be done from this branch only.

UI testing

Right now we don't have UI tests using asserts but running will automatically generate a report containing screenshots of each view on multiple simulators. This report can be used to visually inspect each PR for any possible UI or layout bugs that might have been introduced.