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@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ for this application _"correct"_ way.
* [CLI Interpreter](#cli-interpreter)
* [Server](#server)
* [Test Frameworks](#test-frameworks)
* [Debugging](#debugging)
* [External links / resources](#external-links--resources)

## Setup
@@ -47,6 +48,21 @@ as in image below.

![Path mappings](images/phpstorm_03.png)

After this you need to add Run/Debug configuration for PHPUnit. In that prompt
you should see the same as image below.

Note that if you see `Fix` button on bottom right corner just click that to fix
all settings as those should be. Basically that will make PHPUnit to use all
those earlier configured settings.

![Path mappings](images/phpstorm_04.png)

### Debugging

Application supports using of XDebug for debugging tool, so just read [Using Xdebug](
documentation and you're ready to start debugging your application.

## External links / resources

* [Configuring Remote PHP Interpreters](
* [Test Frameworks](
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