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* [Development guide](doc/
* [Testing guide](doc/
* [Speed problems with docker-compose?](doc/
* [PhpStorm configuration](doc/
* [Using Xdebug](doc/
* [Custom configuration](doc/

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# What is this?

This document contains information how you can setup your [PhpStorm](
for this application _"correct"_ way.

## Table of Contents

* [What is this?](#what-is-this)
* [Table of Contents](#table-of-contents)
* [Setup](#setup)
* [CLI Interpreter](#cli-interpreter)
* [Server](#server)
* [Test Frameworks](#test-frameworks)
* [External links / resources](#external-links--resources)

## Setup

### CLI Interpreter

First thing that you need to do is select correct CLI interpreter for your
PhpStorm. Selection should be available on `Settings -> Languages & Frameworks -> PHP`

Just choose the `Docker-PHP` from dropdown, if that does not exist there you
need to click that `...` and follow the instructions in [External links / resources](#external-links--resources)

![Path mappings](images/phpstorm_01.png)

### Server

Next thing to configure is used PHP servers. This you can do in
`Settings -> Languages & Frameworks -> PHP -> Servers` - purpose of this is to
configure your PhpStorm to know how your local files are mapped inside that
docker container.

![Path mappings](images/phpstorm_02.png)

### Test Frameworks

Application itself contains quite lot of tests as you know from that [testing](
documentation. To get support to run tests directly from your IDE you need to
do following configuration in `Settings -> Languages & Frameworks -> PHP -> Test Frameworks`.

By default settings should be set correctly but just ensure that those are set
as in image below.

![Path mappings](images/phpstorm_03.png)

## External links / resources

* [Configuring Remote PHP Interpreters](
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ application.
* [Parallel testing](#parallel-testing)
* [Own environment for testing](#own-environment-for-testing)
* [Metrics](#metrics)
* [PhpStorm](#phpstorm)

## Testing

@@ -71,3 +72,8 @@ make phpmetrics

And after that open `build/phpmetrics/index.html` with your favorite browser.

## PhpStorm

Also note that you can run tests directly from your IDE (PhpStorm) - if you're
using that you should read [PhpStorm]( documentation.
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