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v0.4, 2012-08-?? -- Slouching toward nirvana
* Changes:
* 'mrjob' command (#225)
* Changed default runner from 'local' to 'inline' (#423)
* Local runner no longer adds working directory to PYTHONPATH of
subprocesses; use inline runner instead (#424)
* Requires boto 2.2.0 or later
* Filesystem functionality moved out of MRJobRunner into into 'fs' objects
but forwarded from runners for backward compatibility
* Changed exception hierarchy of mrjob.ssh (which is private but
* Internal data structure for representing a step is much richer, allowing
many cool future features (#479)
* mrjob detects Hadoop version from EMR based on API responses instead of
what's in the config (#611)
* New features:
* Support for non-Hadoop Streaming jar steps (#499)
* Support for arbitrary commands as Hadoop Streaming
* mapper_pre_filter, combiner_pre_filter, and reducer_pre_filter allow
running of a UNIX command in front of tasks to filter input outside of
the interpreter
* mrjob knows how to terminate the job on cleanup (Ctrl+C closes the job).
* Allow use of multiple -c flags on the command line (#420)
* Bug fixes:
* Silenced some incorrect warnings about ignored options in 'inline' runner
* Removed deprecated functionality:
* --hadoop-*-format
* --*-protocol switches
* MRJob.get_default_opts()
* MRJob.protocols()
* S3Filesystem.get_s3_folder_keys()
v0.3.5, 2012-08-21 -- The Last Ride of v0.3.x[?]
* EMR:
* --pool-wait-minutes option lets you wait up to X minutes before creating a
job flow (#455)
* Job flow ID included in error messages on failure (#452)
* JOB and JOB_FLOW cleanup options (#485, #455)
* EMR and Hadoop:
* Compatibility fixes related to deprecated options and Hadoop's bizarre
non-sequential version numbers (#489, #534)
* Other:
* Warn when *_PROTOCOL is not a class (#490)
* Bug fixes:
* Unicode strings can be used when specifying interpreters (#431)
* --enable-emr-logging no longer causes the wrong counters/logs to be parsed
* TMP_DIR inserted into 'sort' environment variables (#477)
* Setting hadoop_home in mrjob.conf works again
* Gzipped input files work when specified with relative paths (#494)
* Passthrough options are not re-ordered when sent to Hadoop Streaming
v0.3.4.1, 2012-06-12 -- The test suite doesn't catch everything...
* Local mode doesn't try to send multiple mappers to the same output file
when using multiple compressed files as input
v0.3.4, 2012-06-11 -- We are friendly people.
* Experimental support for IronPython in the local and inline runners
* set_status() and increment_counter() will encode messages/names of type
'unicode' as UTF-8 when writing to Hadoop Streaming
* EMR and Hadoop counter parsing is more correct
* fetches logs from S3 when asked instead of
incorrectly refusing to do so
* jobconf values can be booleans in mrjob.conf as well as 'true' and 'false'
* hadoop_version can be a float in mrjob.conf, but a warning is printed to the
* Command line help is split across several --help-* commands
* Local runner sorts output consistently
v0.3.3.2, 2012-04-10 -- It's a race [condition]!
* Option parsing no longer dies when -- is used as an argument (#435)
* Fixed race condition where two jobs can join same job flow thinking it is
idle, delaying one of the jobs (#438)
* Better error message when a config file contains no data for the current
runner (#433)
v0.3.3.1, 2012-04-02 -- Hothothothothothothotfix
* Fixed S3 locking mechanism parsing of last modified time to work around an
inconsistency in the EMR API
v0.3.3, 2012-03-29 -- Bug...bug...bug...bug...bug...FEATURE!
* EMR:
* Error detection code follows symlinks in Hadoop logs (#396)
* terminate_idle_job_flows locks job flows before terminating them (#391)
* terminate_idle_job_flows -qq silences all output (#380)
* Other fixes:
* mr_tower_of_powers test no longer requires Testify (#395)
* Various runner du() implementations no longer broken (#393, #394)
* Hadoop counter parser regex handles long lines better (#388)
* Hadoop counter parser regex is more correct (#305)
* Better error when trying to parse YAML without PyYAML (#348)
v0.3.2, 2012-02-22 -- AMI versions, spot instances, and more
* Docs:
* 'Testing with mrjob' section in docs (includes #321)
* MRJobRunner.counters() included in docs (#321)
* terminate_idle_job_flows is spelled correctly in docs (#339)
* Running jobs:
* local mode:
* Allow non-string jobconf values again (this changed in v0.3.0)
* Don't split *.gz files (#333)
* emr mode:
* Spot instance support via ec2_*_instance_bid_price and renamed instance
type/number options (#219)
* ami_version option to allow switching between EMR AMIs (#306)
* 'Error while reading from input file' displays correct file (#358)
* python_bin used for bootstrap_python_packages instead of just 'python'
* Pooling works with bootstrap_mrjob=False (#347)
* Pooling makes sure a job flow has space for the new job before joining
it (#324)
* EMR tools:
* create_job_flow no longer tries to use an option that does not exist
* report_long_jobs tool alerts on jobs that have run for more than X hours
* mrboss no longer spells stderr 'stsderr'
* terminate_idle_job_flows counts jobs with pending (but not running)
steps as idle (#365)
* terminate_idle_job_flows can terminate job flows near the end of a
billable hour (#319)
* audit_usage breaks down job flows by pool (#239)
* Various tools (e.g. audit_usage) get list of job flows correctly (#346)
v0.3.1, 2011-12-20 -- Nooooo there were bugs!
* Instance-type command-line arguments always override mrjob.conf (Issue #311)
* Fixed crash in (Issue #315)
* Tests now use unittest; python test now works (Issue #292)
v0.3.0, 2011-12-07 -- Worth the wait
* Configuration:
* Saner mrjob.conf locations (Issue #97):
* ~/.mrjob is deprecated in favor of ~/.mrjob.conf
* searching in PYTHONPATH is deprecated
* MRJOB_CONF environment variable for custom paths
* Defining Jobs (MRJob):
* Combiner support (Issue #74)
* *_init() and *_final() methods for mappers, combiners, and reducers
(Issue #124)
* mapper/combiner/reducer methods no longer need to contain a yield
statement if they emit no data
* Protocols:
* Protocols can be anything with read() and write() methods, and are
instances by default (Issue #229)
* Set protocols with the *_PROTOCOL attributes or by re-defining the
*_protocol() methods
* Built-in protocol classes cache the encoded and decoded value of the
last key for faster decoding during reducing (Issue #230)
* --*protocol switches and aliases are deprecated (Issue #106)
* Set Hadoop formats with HADOOP_*_FORMAT attributes or the hadoop_*_format()
methods (Issue #241)
* --hadoop-*-format switches are deprecated
* Hadoop formats can no longer be set from mrjob.conf
* Set jobconf with JOBCONF attribute or the jobconf() method (in addition
to --jobconf)
* Set Hadoop partitioner class with --partitioner, PARTITIONER, or
partitioner() (Issue #6)
* Custom option parsing (Issue #172)
* Use mrjob.compat.get_jobconf_value() to get jobconf values from environment
* Running jobs:
* All modes:
* All runners are Hadoop-version aware and use the correct jobconf and
combiner invocation styles (Issue #111)
* All types of URIs can be passed through to Hadoop (Issue #53)
* Speed up steps with no mapper by using cat (Issue #5)
* Stream compressed files with cat() method (Issue #17)
* hadoop_bin, python_bin, and ssh_bin can now all take switches (Issue #96)
* job_name_prefix option is gone (was deprecated)
* Better cleanup (Issue #10):
* Separate cleanup_on_failure option
* More granular cleanup options
* Cleaner handling of passthrough options (Issue #32)
* emr mode:
* job flow pooling (Issue #26)
* vastly improved log fetching via SSH (Issue #2)
* New tool:
* default Hadoop version on EMR is 0.20 (was 0.18)
* ec2_instance_type option now only sets instance type for slave nodes
when there are multiple EC2 instances (Issue #66)
* New tool: for running commands on all nodes and
saving output locally
* inline mode:
* Supports cmdenv (Issue #136)
* Passthrough options can now affect steps list (Issue #301)
* local mode:
* Runs 2 mappers and 2 reducers in parallel by default (Issue #228)
* Preliminary Hadoop simulation for some jobconf variables (Issue #86)
* Misc:
* boto 2.0+ is now required (Issue #92)
* Removed debian packaging (should be handled separately)
v0.2.8, 2011-09-07 -- Bugfixes and betas
* Fix log parsing crash dealing with timeout errors
* Make work with simplejson
* Add emr_additional_info option, to support EMR beta features
* Remove debian packaging (should be handled separately)
* Fix crash when creating tmp bucket for job in us-east-1
v0.2.7, 2011-07-12 -- Hooray for interns!
* All runner options can be set from the command line (Issue #121)
* Including for (Issue #142)
* New EMR options:
* availability_zone (Issue #72)
* bootstrap_actions (Issue #69)
* enable_emr_debugging (Issue #133)
* Read counters from EMR log files (Issue #134)
* Clean old files out of S3 with (Issue #9)
* EMR parses and reports job failure due to steps timing out (Issue #15)
* EMR boostrap files are no longer made public on S3 (Issue #70)
* handles custom hadoop streaming
jars correctly (Issue #116)
* LocalMRJobRunner separates out counters by step (Issue #28)
* bootstrap_python_packages works regardless of tarball name (Issue #49)
* mrjob always creates temp buckets in the correct AWS region (Issue #64)
* Catch abuse of __main__ in jobs (Issue #78)
* Added mr_travelling_salesman example
v0.2.6, 2011-05-24 -- Hadoop 0.20 in EMR, inline runner, and more
* Set Hadoop to run on EMR with --hadoop-version (Issue #71).
* Default is still 0.18, but will change to 0.20 in mrjob v0.3.0.
* New inline runner, for testing locally with a debugger
* New --strict-protocols option, to catch unencodable data (Issue #76)
* Added steps_python_bin option (for use with virtualenv)
* mrjob no longer chokes when asked to run on an EMR job flow running
Hadoop 0.20 (Issue #110)
* mrjob no longer chokes on job flows with no LogUri (Issue #112)
v0.2.5, 2011-04-29 -- Hadoop input and output formats
* Added hadoop_input/output_format options
* You can now specify a custom Hadoop streaming jar (hadoop_streaming_jar)
* extra args to hadoop now come before -mapper/-reducer on EMR, so
that e.g. -libjar will work (worked in hadoop mode since v0.2.2)
* hadoop mode now supports s3n:// URIs (Issue #53)
v0.2.4, 2011-03-09 -- fix bootstrapping mrjob
* Fix bootstrapping of mrjob in hadoop and local mode (Issue #89)
* SSH tunnels try to use the same port for the same job flow (Issue #67)
* Added mr_postfix_bounce and mr_pegasos_svm to examples.
* Retry on spurious 505s from EMR API
v0.2.3, 2011-02-24 -- boto compatibility
* Fix incompatibility with boto 2.0b4 (Issue #91)
v0.2.2, 2011-02-15 -- GET/POST EMR issue
* Use POST requests for most EMR queries (EMR was choking on large GETs)
* find_probable_cause_of_failure() ignores transient errors (Issue #31)
* --hadoop-arg now actually works (Issue #79)
* on Hadoop, extra args are added first, so you can set e.g. -libjar
* S3 buckets may now have . in their names
* MRJob scripts now respect --quiet (Issue #84)
* added --no-output option for MRJob scripts (Issue #81)
* added --python-bin option (Issue #54)
v0.2.1, 2010-11-17 -- laststatechangereason bugfix
* Don't assume EMR sets laststatechangereason
v0.2.0, 2010-11-15 -- Many bugfixes, Windows support
* New Features/Changes:
* EMRJobRunner now prints % of mappers and reducers completed when you
enable the SSH tunnel.
* Added mr_page_rank example
* Added script (Issue #21)
* You can specify alternate job owners with the "owner" option. Useful for
auditing usage. (Issue #59)
* The job_name_prefix option has been renamed to label (the old name still
works but is deprecated)
* bootstrap_cmds and bootstrap_scripts no longer automatically invoke sudo
* Bugs Fixed/Cleanup:
* bootstrap files no longer get uploaded to S3 twice (Issue #8)
* When using add_file_option(), show_steps() can now see the local version
of the file (Issue #45)
* Now works on Windows (Issue #46)
* No longer requires external jar, tar, or zip binaries (Issue #47)
* mrjob-* scratch bucket is only created as needed (Issue #50)
* Can now specify us-east-1 region explicitly (Issue #58)
* leaves Hive jobs alone (Issue #60)
v0.1.0, 2010-10-28 -- Same code, better version. It's official!
v0.1.0-pre3, 2010-10-27 -- Pre-release to run Yelp code against
* Added debian packaging
* mrjob bootstrapping can now deal with symlinks in site-packages/mrjob
* MRJobRunner.stream_output() can now be called multiple times
v0.1.0-pre2, 2010-10-25 -- Second pre-release after testing
* Fixed small bugs that broke Python 2.5.1 and Python 2.7
* Fixed reading mrjob.conf without yaml installed
* Fix tests to work with modern simplejson and pipes.quote()
* Auto-create temp bucket on S3 if we don't have one (Issue #16)
* Auto-infer AWS region from bucket (Issue #7)
* --steps now passes in all extra args (e.g. --protocol) (Issue #4)
* Better docs
v0.1.0-pre1, 2010-10-21 -- Initial pre-release. YMMV!