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@@ -9,13 +9,20 @@ v0.4, 2012-08-?? -- Slouching toward nirvana
but forwarded from runners for backward compatibility
* Changed exception hierarchy of mrjob.ssh (which is private but
+ * Internal data structure for representing a step is much richer, allowing
+ many cool future features (#479)
+ * mrjob detects Hadoop version from EMR based on API responses instead of
+ what's in the config (#611)
* New features:
* Support for non-Hadoop Streaming jar steps (#499)
* Support for arbitrary commands as Hadoop Streaming
* mapper_pre_filter, combiner_pre_filter, and reducer_pre_filter allow
running of a UNIX command in front of tasks to filter input outside of
the interpreter
+ * mrjob knows how to terminate the job on cleanup (Ctrl+C closes the job).
+ (#353)
+ * Allow use of multiple -c flags on the command line (#420)
* Bug fixes:
* Silenced some incorrect warnings about ignored options in 'inline' runner
* Removed deprecated functionality:

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