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@cygri cygri released this May 3, 2019

Various minor new features, improvements and bugfixes.

  • --dedup n removes duplicate triples in a window of size n
  • --write-base adds @base to Turtle output
  • Ignore cells containing only whitespace
  • Improved handling of unusual characters in header row
  • Automatically pre-define the apf: prefix for apf:strSplit
  • Upgrade Jena to 3.11.0 and OpenCSV to 4.6
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@cygri cygri released this Dec 24, 2016

Various minor new features, improvements and bugfixes.

  • Upgrade from Jena 2 to Jena 3.1.1
  • Add tarql:expandPrefix and tarql:expandPrefixedName functions
  • Better handling of stray quotes that are misinterpreted as starting a multi-line field (#10)
  • Handle question marks in column headers
  • Allow --quotechar none (#10)
  • Recognize tab, singlequote, backslash etc. as values for --delimiter, --quotechar, --escapechar
  • Add --base argument (#20)
  • Ensure rdf: prefix is always registered when writing Turtle (#36)
  • Add --stdin option to read input from STDIN (#21)
  • Generally show just error message instead of stack trace (#38)
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Oct 2, 2014
Set version number to 1.0a (alpha)
Feb 8, 2013


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