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Yet another resume template based on jekyll. Demo:
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Yet another resume template based on jekyll. You can wirte your resume using markdown, it will be rendered into html and can be printed as pdf.


  • Easy to use/edit/hide
  • Jekyll + Markdown + Github Pages
  • Multiple languages
  • Multiple skins
  • Content modular
  • Responsive display
  • Print friendly

Enjoy yourself!

Getting Started



Folk this repo:

Edit the yaml file located in _data/data.yml:

Setting the github pages source branch in settings -> Github Pages -> source, select master branch:

Wait a little while, open in your browser. You can see your resume.

If you want to print your resume, just press shortcut of print. Also it can be saved as a pdf file.


If you want to use it locally, you shoule clone this repo then just like deploying a regular jekyll website.


  • _data/data.yml: All the resume content.
  • assets/images/profile.png: Your profile photo.
  • _config.yml: Site's general settings.
  • index.html: Change the resume content's display order.
  • _sass/_base.scss: Change the resume display style.
  • robots.txt: If you don't want your resume to be recorded in the search engine, modify this file.




Inspired by online-cv, this is a very amazing resume template.

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