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Match against folders as well. #1

jacobstr opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Working on a rails project, I can't remember the names of some of my templates, all I know is they're somewhere in layouts/* (for example).

The fuzzy matcher doesn't seem to match against directories. This would be a useful option - I'd try it myself but I can't grok ZSH code yet ;)


+1 That would make this tool 10 times more amazing than it already is!


I would like to improve this tool and fix more bugs but unfortunately I also lack a lot of knowledge about zsh that stops me from doing so. I recommend you guys finding an alternative integrated to your editor, such a CtrlP for vim


@tarruda Ctrl-P is an amazing tool but the real advantage, and entire reason I started looking for a tool like yours, is exactly the fact that it isn't integrated with an editor. Since Vim users like myself typically like to open and close Vim frequently, I'd rather have the file name history stored on the terminal so only one action is required to get back. I also have a chronic condition of bloating vim with a million and one plugins. Finding files doesn't seem to be a function of a text editor. I'd rather follow the Unix philosophy making each program do one thing well.

After days and hours searching, I've finally come across another program with this functionality and also the ability to match against the rest of the file path besides the file name: @jacobstr Maybe this program will fill your need as well.


@ericmathison thx for fzf it's pretty cool


@ericmathison fzf seems amazing. I'm gonna put a link on the README, thanks for the suggestion

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