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Match finder for LZ77-style data compressors which outputs complete set (between user provided min match length and max match length) of distance-optimal matches
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Author: Piotr Tarsa

Complete match finder based on radix sort

TarsaMatchFinder outputs matches which can be used in LZ77-style data compression algorithms. Unlike other approaches it doesn't only output longest match per each position. Instead, for every position and match length in specified interval (between min-match and max-match inclusive) it outputs a match (if there's a match for that position and length) with smallest offset.

  • Setup + Usage - How to set up the project and start using it
  • Toolchain - Phases needed to produce and validate optimal matches
  • Glossary - Terminology used in this project
  • Formats - Binary (on-disk) formats
  • Backlog - List of to-do items
  • Trees - Sketching plans for using trees
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