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Contributing to Tartiflette

馃帀 Thanks for being here 馃帀

Code of conduct

We expect from each contributor to respect for the Code of Conduct which governs the Tartiflette project.

How can I contribute?

Reporting bugs

To report a bug, please create an issue on github and follow the guidelines below.

Please provide the steps to reproduce your problem and, if possible, a full reproducible environment. As we are working directly with containers, please provide the Dockerfile sample or the Docker image name

  • Explain with a simple sentence the expected behavior
  • Tartiflette version: e.g 0.1.0
  • Python version: e.g 3.7
  • Executed in docker: Yes|No
  • Dockerfile sample: Link of sample
  • GraphQL Schema & Query: e.g gist, pastebin or directly the query
  • Is it a regression from a previous versions? e.g Yes|No
  • Stack trace

Suggesting enhancements

  • A feature is missing from the GraphQL Specification?
  • A hook is missing in the API to plug your code?
  • A part of the project could be improved?

Don't hesitate to ask a new feature or join in and send us a pull request with your own feature!

Before coding anything, make sure to:

  • Stage 1 - Proposal: Propose your changes/ideas through an issue (optional)
  • Stage 2 - Draft: Push your code & create a pull-request with the WHY of your work.
  • Stage 3 - Candidate: Stable code, tested & documented.
  • Stage 4 - 馃帀 Your code is merged and available.

Pull Requests

Before submitting your pull-request, make sure the following is done.

  • Fork the repository and create your branch from master so that it can be merged easily.
  • Update with your change (include reference to the issue & this PR).
  • Make sure all of the significant new logic is covered by tests.
  • Make sure all quality checks are green (Gazr specification).


All notable changes to this project will be documented in the file. In your PR you can add your changes to the