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import os
from types import TracebackType
from typing import Optional, Type, Union
from cffi import FFI
from tartiflette.language.parsers.libgraphqlparser.transformers import (
from tartiflette.types.exceptions.tartiflette import GraphQLSyntaxError
__all__ = ("parse_to_document",)
# TODO: automatize read from headers files
_FFI = FFI()
struct GraphQLAstNode *graphql_parse_string(
const char *text, const char **error);
void graphql_error_free(const char *error);
void graphql_node_free(struct GraphQLAstNode *node);
const char *graphql_ast_to_json(const struct GraphQLAstNode *node);
# TODO: use importlib.resource in Python 3.7
_LIBGRAPHQLPARSER_DIR = os.environ.get(
"LIBGRAPHQLPARSER_DIR", os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "cffi")
except OSError:
_LIB = _FFI.dlopen(f"{_LIBGRAPHQLPARSER_DIR}/libgraphqlparser.dylib")
class ParsedData:
Utils context manager to properly read and free a query parsed with the
libgraphqlparser library.
def __init__(self, c_parsed: "CData", destroy_cb: "CData") -> None:
:param c_parsed: struct GraphQLAstNode *
:param destroy_cb: void(*)(struct GraphQLAstNode *)
:type c_parsed: CData
:type destroy_cb: CData
self._c_parsed = c_parsed
self._destroy_cb = destroy_cb
def __enter__(self) -> None:
Returns the result of the query parsed with the libgraphqlparser
:return: struct GraphQLAstNode *
:rtype: CData
return self._c_parsed
def __exit__(
exc_type: Optional[Type],
exc_value: Optional[Exception],
traceback: Optional[TracebackType],
) -> None:
Frees the resource related to the parsing of the query made by the
libgraphqlparser library.
:param exc_type: class of the exception potentially raised
:param exc_value: instance of the exception potentially raised
:param traceback: traceback of the exception potentially raised
:type exc_type: Optional[Type]
:type exc_value: Optional[Exception]
:type traceback: Optional[TracebackType]
def _parse_context_manager(query: Union[str, bytes]) -> ParsedData:
Parses the query with the libgraphqlparser library and returns a ParsedData
:param query: query to parse with libgraphqlparser
:type query: Union[str, bytes]
:return: a ParsedData instance which is a context manager
:rtype: ParsedData
:raises GraphQLSyntaxError: raised when the libgraphqlparser library
couldn't parse the query due to a syntax error.
if isinstance(query, str):
query = query.encode("UTF-8")
errors ="char **")
parsed_data = ParsedData(
_LIB.graphql_parse_string("char[]", query), errors),
if errors[0] != _FFI.NULL:
# TODO: parse libgraphqlparser error string and fill location
e = GraphQLSyntaxError(
_FFI.string(errors[0]).decode("UTF-8", "replace")
raise e
return parsed_data
def _parse_to_json_ast(query: Union[str, bytes]) -> bytes:
Parses the query and returns its AST JSON representation as bytes.
:param query: query to parse
:type query: Union[str, bytes]
:return: bytes AST JSON representation of the query
:rtype: bytes
with _parse_context_manager(query) as parsed:
return _FFI.string(_LIB.graphql_ast_to_json(parsed))
def parse_to_document(
query: Union[str, bytes], schema: "GraphQLSchema"
) -> "DocumentNode":
Returns a DocumentNode instance which represents the query after being
:param query: query to parse and transform into a DocumentNode
:type query: Union[str, bytes]
:param schema: the GraphQLSchema instance linked to the engine
:type schema: GraphQLSchema
:return: a DocumentNode representing the query
:rtype: DocumentNode
>>> from tartiflette.language.parsers.libgraphqlparser import (
>>> parse_to_document
>>> )
>>> query_document = parse_to_document('''query MyOperation {
>>> cat(id: 1) {
>>> id
>>> name
>>> }
>>> }''')
return document_from_ast_json(
schema.json_loader(_parse_to_json_ast(query)), query, schema