Built a framework that can coordinate the provisioning of compute resources by negotiating with a set of hypervisors running across physical servers in the datacenter.
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  1. Uses MongoDB to save the data for running VMS.

  2. Performs ssh based on public/private key generated at the start of the script. We only have to enter password twice, i.e. once for saving the public key to the machine using ssh-copy-id and again during scp of image file to machine.

  3. Gets physical machines from src/pm_file.

  4. Gets Images from src/image_file.

  5. Gets instance types from src/flavor_file.

  6. Uses Libvirt to create VM's by first connecting to "qemu:user@ip/system", then defining XML of domain, creating domain.

  7. Destroys VM using libvirt's, domain.destroy() and then undefines the xml by domain.undefine()