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Sample selenium project bases on STF
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This is a sample test project based on STF (SeleniumTestsFramework). To know more about STF please refer STF How-To guide

This test suite also include tests for android mobile site, android app and ios test as well, hence you must set up Appium before executing tests. Refer Appium Beginners Tutorials before running test else mobile site and mobile app tests would fail

If you use SauceLabs then you can pass Sauce Lab URL to execuete test on desired browser/app. Have a look at testng.xml for more details

You can clone this project and run tests as

mvn clean test

Once test execution is over then you would find step by step report of all the test steps under -

<path to your cloned directory>/seleniumtests/target/surefire-reports/SeleniumTestReport.html

Have a question or feature request for STF? post it in Testing Forum :-)

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