Finds the End-Points in JavaScript files
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During reconnaissance(recon) process it is very helpful to get idea of all end-points of JavaScript files. These days you have seen that the JavaScript files having unformatted code, This tool will extract all that links in those files.
And also you can get blog on the same Blog on EndPoint-Finder


This is python script to disclose end-points in JavaScript files.
This discloses:

  1. Full URLs (starting with http, https, file, php, ftp)
  2. Dotted URLs (starting with /* or ./* or ../*)
  3. URLs having extension(js, php, xml, png, etc...)
  4. URL or directory having any parameters
  5. And some expected directories which can be exist!!


  1. Requests module in python
  2. Argparse module in python


Short Form Long Form Description
-f --file Input a file containing JS code
-u --url Input URL to fetch JS code
-o --output Location to save the file
-c --cookie Cookie for making request


  • Finding End-point in locally saved file:
python -f input.js
  • Finding End-point in remote files:
python -u
  • Make output in out.text:
python -f input.js -o out.txt
  • Finding End-point in remote files but only access-able via cookie:
python -u -c "PHPSESSID=Ytywq568hsadadadsd"


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