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What the ?

A tool for downloading the files from your Hic Et Nunc collection ( and then creating thumbnails.

It should generate thumbnails for static images, videos, HTML pages, SVG and even 3D models!

What's the point? Well there will be a static site generator coming soon so you can have a nice little gallery of your collection wherever you want.

Can also be used as a slideshow. Add it to a screen or even Chromecast.

The code

It's a mess. I know. Just hacking things together as quick as possible to see if it works. It does. Kinda. I hope. If you want to make it nicer please fork / pull request.

Also thanks to


  • Mac OSX. Sorry for now at least it is only tested on OSX and uses Chrome path for OSX.
  • Node 12 ... I think?
  • npm install
  • serve: npm install -g serve
  • python3
  • python3: python -m pip install ipfsapi (IPFS API)
  • For PDFs: brew install imagemagick ghostscript poppler (sorry MacOS only ATM)


  • Just set the ownerAddress in config.


  • ownerAddress : string: your Tezos wallet address
  • cloudFlareUrl : string: at the moment just leave this ...
  • downloadPath : string: the location to store downloaded files
  • largeImagePath : string: the location to store large images
  • distPath : string: the location for generated data
  • puppetSize: the size of large images for HTML, SVG and GLTF (browser size)
  • fillMode: object: if set runs in a different mode. Used to fill out missing information in H=N database data: string: ie ./fill.json the data to load OBJKTs from uploadToIpfs: boolean: (currently unsupported) if true uploads created thumbs to IPFS deleteDownloadsAfterCreation: boolean: if true deletes downloaded files after each is processed deleteLargeAfterCreation: boolean: if true deletes large images after thumbnail creation objPath: string: ie ./tmp/obj where to store JSON files with info about created tnumbnails. Also stores error file. limit: int: if set above 0 will only process this # of OBJKTs, offset: int: if set above 0 will process from this # in the queue, startAtObjectNumber: int: if set above 0 will override offset and start at OBJKT with this token_id
  • thumbnail: options for thumbnail generation
    • path: string: the directory under your distPath to store generated thumbnails
    • maxGifSizeKb: size in KBs before GIFs are converted to videos
    • image: {formats, sizes}: format and sizes for image thumbnails
      • formats: Array<{type, options}>
      • sizes Array<int>:: width dimension for thumbnails
    • video: {formats, sizes, maxLengthSeconds}: options, format and sizes for video thumbnails
      • maxLengthSeconds: float: maximum length in seconds for video thumbnails ie 15 will truncate all video thumbnails to 15 seconds long (max)
      • formats: currently ignored
      • sizes Array<int>:: width dimension for thumbnails
  • ignoreObjects: Array<int>: list of OBJKT IDs to ignore when generating
  • onlyObjects: Array<int>: only process OBJKTs with these IDs


  • npm start

Using a different config

  • node index.js <other_config_name>: ie node index fill


  • run npm run serve-dist
  • open a URL displayed


I have my /dist/ directory connected to Github, and have Netlify watching this repo. To update I simply run the tool and then push inside the /dist/ directory.



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