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This is the application server for AuditLog. It serves up the user interfaces and the versioned event and list APIs.


These are the local tools so far:

  • Visual Studio 2017
  • ASP.Net Core 2
  • .Net Core 2
  • SQL Server

Getting Started

  • Setup your database, make sure you set snapshot isolation and name it "AuditLogDev"
  • Run UpdateLocalDB.cmd from Database folder
  • Do a build, ensure automatic gulp build runs successfully (look at Task Runner Explorer)


  • F5 to build
  • gulp build should run once before build, gulp local should run in the background the whole time

Errors Applying DB Script

  • /database/DatabaseUpdate.sql is the raw SQL (and safe to re-run in SSMS againt local DB)
  • Fix problem in /database/Changes/... and re-run UpdateLocalDB.cmd
  • Profit

Add sample data

To add some sample data to the system:

  • cd samples
  • node runSample host port authpair numDaysToAdd

The authpair value is a colon seperated Consumer Id and Secret from the /configure/apikeys screen.

The numDaysToAdd is a number of day to add to event times (negative numbers work best).


Customer vs Client

  • Customers are people that pay money to use AuditLog
  • Clients are their customers/users

Events vs Entries

  • Events are things that customers record
  • Entries are things we have recorded