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phpBB 3.1 - Social Media Buttons

This is an extension for the phpBB forums software. You need an instalation of phpBB 3.1.x to use this.


Adds Social Media Buttons on each thread. To protect the privacy of the users, requestets at the Social Media platforms will be made by the web server. The data will be cached to avoid too many requests. You can choose between 10 different styles for the buttons.

Supported Platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Linkedin


To install this extension download it from here and upload the files in your forum under /ext/tas2580/socialbuttons. After that go to the Admin panel of your forum and navigate in to Customise -> Extension Management -> Extensions. Search this extension in the list of extensions and click on Enable.


You can get support for this extension on or in german on For more informations look at my Website.

Help to translate

If you use the extension in your forum and translated it therefor in your language, it would be nice if you would send me a pull request. Also it may be that existing translations after uptates of the extensions are incomplete. So you can help me if you complete or correct existing language files.


GNU General Public License v2

Automated Testing

We use automated unit tests to prevent regressions. Check out our travis build below:

Build Status Scrutinizer Code Quality