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A simple script for configuring a Radxa Rock as an Inforad
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A simple script for configuring a Radxa Rock as an Inforad

Flashing SD cards

  • Download the latest Ubuntu (actually Linaro) release at
  • Follow the flashing instructions at (we've edited these to be correct)
  • Boot the Rock using the SD card (make sure to push it in far enough that it clicks in)
  • Resize the partition
  • Run 'fdisk /dev/mmcblk0' and then use 'p' to see the current partition layout. Note the start block of the first partition
  • Delete the partition with 'd'
  • Create a new partition with 'n' and use the same start block (probably 65536)
  • Set the partition to be bootable with 'a'
  • Write the partition with 'w'
  • Reboot the host.
  • When you run the inforad setup script it will automatically run resize2fs /dev/mmcblk0p1 to perform the resize

Important Note

This script is very specific to my needs for setting up an inforad. There's probably a lot of things you'll want to remove for your setup. In particular you'll either need to remove the OpenVPN portion or you'll need to properly setup OpenVPN with a config and certs/keys after running this script. There are also many places in the script where you need to add passwords / hosts / IPs. See the script for more details.

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