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Add Shopify like fulfillments to your Craft Commerce orders.
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Order Fulfillments Plugin for Craft CMS

Fulfillments is a plugin for Craft CMS to let you create "Shopify like" fulfillments for Craft Commerce orders. Fulfillments can be configured to automatically update your order statuses and send notification emails.


Read the full documentation here.


  • Create fulfillments for orders.
  • Enter tracking information and choose from a number of default shipping carriers.
  • Partially fulfill orders - supports multiple fulfillments.
  • Extendable to allow additional carriers to be added.

Adding Carriers

Plugins and modules can register their own carriers to choose from when fulfilling orders.

use craft\events\RegisterComponentTypesEvent;
use tasdev\orderfulfillments\services\Carriers;
use yii\base\Event;

Event::on(Carriers::class, Carriers::EVENT_REGISTER_CARRIERS, function(RegisterComponentTypesEvent $e) {
    $e->types[] = MyCarrier::class;

To see what your MyCarrier class might look like, take a look at the default classes.


Create a Github issue if you experience a bug with the Fulfillments plugin.

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