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GSoC 2017 contributions for oVirt

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Repository: ovirt-ansible

Total Pull Requests Created: 5

  1. rhevm-qe-automation/ovirt-ansible#139 - [test_upgrade] tests for ovirt version upgrades
  2. rhevm-qe-automation/ovirt-ansible#137 - Remote dwh fresh engine install
  3. rhevm-qe-automation/ovirt-ansible#132 - [feature-add] Added role to rename engine
  4. rhevm-qe-automation/ovirt-ansible#146 - tests:test-updrade40to41: added engine-rename role
  5. rhevm-qe-automation/ovirt-ansible#148 - [ovirt-engine-metrics] WIP

Total Issues Opened: 1

  1. rhevm-qe-automation/ovirt-ansible#129 - [question] specifying Exact Requirements on requirements.txt file

Bugs filed: 2

  1. OVESETUP_ENGINE_CONFIG/fqdn value not getting logged in answerfile when installing remote dwh
  2. Bugzilla: Documentation to setup ovirt_engine_history DB on a remote machine other than the dwh service machine missing

Repository: Main

Total Issues Opened: 1

  1. ViaQ/Main#12 - ansible-play fails on centos7 during the task [openshift_version : For an RPM install, abort when the release requested does not match the available version.]

Repository: openshift-ansible

Total Issues Opened: 1

  1. openshift/openshift-ansible#5236 - Check if NetworkManager is enabled/unmasked. #5236

Blog Posts: Medium

Pending Work