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Space Shooter

The classic retro game recreated using Pygame and python.



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Follow the youtube video to see how I fared on spaceShooter

Space Shooter Demo - Youtube


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Screen 1 Screen 2
Screen 3 Screen 4

Game Features

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  • Health bar for the space ship
  • Score board to show how you are faring so far
  • Power ups like
    • shield: increases the space ships life
    • bolt: increases the shooting capability of the ship by firing 2 to 3 bullets instead of one at time.
  • Custom sounds and sprite animation for things like
    • meteorite explosion
    • bullet shoots
    • player explosion
  • 3 lives per game
  • Fun to play :)


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Move Left left
Move right right
Fire bullets spacebar
Quit game Esc


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For Windows

Linux/Debian based systems

Option 1: Download the zipped executable file

If your download was saved on the ~/Downloads folder

Press Ctrl + Alt + T to open the shell if you are on GNU/Linux based systems and type

$ unzip ~/Downloads/ -d ~/Desktop
$ cd ~/Desktop
$ ## navigate to the unzipped file and change the file permissions for the executable
~/Desktop $ chmod +x spaceShooter
~/Desktop $ ./spaceShooter

This will unzip the file on your Desktop, you can replace it with the directory of your choice

NOTE : If it gives you an error, you probably don't have unzip installed in your system.

$ sudo apt-get install unzip

That should fix the error.

  • Run the executable named spaceShooter

A Similar process would be followed for OS X

Option 2: Build from source

You need to have pygame installed for this option.

For FreeBSD

$ sudo pkg install devel/py-game
Clone the repo
$ git clone
$ cd spaceShooter/
$ chmod +x
$ python

For Ubuntu/Debian

$ sudo apt-get install python-pygame
Clone the repo
$ git clone
$ cd spaceShooter/ 
$ python


You have to build from source to get it up and running on OS X. Reason? I don't have an OS X system to build the executable! So I would love for a Pull request on that one.

Building from source will do the trick though

$ pip3 install hg+

Install Pygame specific dependencies

$ brew install sdl sdl_image sdl_ttf portmidi libogg libvorbis
$ brew install sdl_mixer --with-libvorbis
Clone the repo
$ git clone
$ cd spaceShooter/ 
$ python


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This game was written in one day, so the coding standards might not be up the mark. Don't be shy to make a Pull request :)

For details, please refer the Contributing page


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  • @bardlean86 for adding the third missile powerup and the main menu


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  • Add the windows executable file
  • Add main menu for the game
  • Fix bug which stops the background music from looping
  • Add support for WAV game music file as ogg format is not playable as described in #1
  • Add feature to pause to the game.
  • add feature to replay the game after all players die
  • Add OS X executable file as the Debian based one fails to execute on it


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You can report the bugs at the issue tracker


You can tweet me if you can't get it to work. In fact, you should tweet me anyway.


The game is a fork of the video instructions given by KidsCanCode. I have made several additional enhancements to it. Do check out their Channel!


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Built with by Tasdik Rahman(@tasdikrahman) under MIT License

You can find a copy of the License at

License for them is in Public Domain


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