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:use system;
drop database gtfsuk if exists;
create database gtfsuk;
:use gtfsuk;
// run statements from schema.cypher
load csv with headers from
'file:///agency.txt' as row
create (a:Agency {id: row.agency_id, name: row.agency_name, url: row.agency_url, timezone: row.agency_timezone, lang: row.agency_lang});
// add the routes
load csv with headers from
'file:///routes.txt' as row
match (a:Agency {id: row.agency_id})
create (a)-[:OPERATES]->(r:Route {id: row.route_id, shortName: row.route_short_name,
longName: row.route_long_name, type: toInteger(row.route_type)});
//add the stops
load csv with headers from
'file:///stops.txt' as row
create (s:Stop {id: row.stop_id, name: row.stop_name, location: point({latitude: toFloat(row.stop_lat), longitude: toFloat(row.stop_lon)}),
platformCode: row.platform_code, parentStation: row.parent_station, locationType: row.location_type,
timezone: row.stop_timezone, code: row.stop_code});
// add the trips
load csv with headers from
'file:///trips.txt' as row
match (r:Route {id: row.route_id})
create (r)<-[:USES]-(t:Trip {id: row.trip_id, serviceId: row.service_id,
headSign: row.trip_headsign, direction_id: toInteger(row.direction_id),
shortName: row.trip_short_name, blockId: row.block_id,
bikesAllowed: toInteger(row.bikes_allowed), shapeId: row.shape_id});
// setting service days
load csv with headers from
'file:///calendar.txt' as row
match (t:Trip) where t.serviceId = row.service_id
set t.monday = row.monday starts with '1',
t.tuesday = row.tuesday starts with '1',
t.wednesday = row.wednesday starts with '1',
t.thursday = row.thursday starts with '1',
t.friday = row.friday starts with '1',
t.saturday = row.saturday starts with '1',
t.sunday = row.sunday starts with '1';
match (t:Trip) where t.monday = true set t:RUNS_1;
match (t:Trip) where t.tuesday = true set t:RUNS_2;
match (t:Trip) where t.wednesday = true set t:RUNS_3;
match (t:Trip) where t.thursday = true set t:RUNS_4;
match (t:Trip) where t.friday = true set t:RUNS_5;
match (t:Trip) where t.saturday = true set t:RUNS_6;
match (t:Trip) where t.sunday = true set t:RUNS_7;
match (t:Trip) set t.monday = null, t.tuesday = null, t.wednesday = null, t.wednesday = null, t.friday = null, t.saturday = null, t.sunday = null;
//add the StopTimes
using periodic commit
load csv with headers from
'file:///stop_times.txt' as row
match (t:Trip {id: row.trip_id}), (s:Stop {id: row.stop_id})
create (t)<-[:BELONGS_TO]-(st:StopTime {arrivalTime: row.arrival_time, departureTime: row.departure_time,
arrivalOffset: duration({hours:toInteger(split(row.arrival_time, ':')[0]), minutes:toInteger(split(row.arrival_time, ':')[1]), seconds:toInteger(split(row.arrival_time, ':')[2])}),
departureOffset: duration({hours:toInteger(split(row.departure_time, ':')[0]), minutes:toInteger(split(row.departure_time, ':')[1]), seconds:toInteger(split(row.departure_time, ':')[2])}),
stopSequence: toInteger(row.stop_sequence)})-[:STOPS_AT]->(s);
// add transfer times
load csv with headers from
'file:///transfers.txt' as row
match (s:Stop {id:row.from_stop_id}) set s.minTransferTime = duration({seconds: toInteger(coalesce(row.min_transfer_time, "0"))});
//connect the StopTime sequences
call apoc.periodic.iterate('match (t:Trip) return t',
'match (t)<-[:BELONGS_TO]-(st) with st order by st.stopSequence asc
with collect(st) as stops
unwind range(0, size(stops)-2) as i
with stops[i] as curr, stops[i+1] as next
merge (curr)-[:NEXT_STOP]->(next)', {batchmode: "BATCH", parallel:true, parallel:true, batchSize:1});
// sample trip
match (t:Trip) where = "339740" with t limit 1
match p=(t)<-[:BELONGS_TO]-(st)-[:STOPS_AT]->(s), p2=(st)-[:NEXT_STOP]->(st2)
return p, p2
match (start:Stop)<-[:STOPS_AT]-(st)-[:BELONGS_TO]->(t)
with st where = 'Aberdeen' and t.saturday = true and st.departureOffset.seconds > duration({hours:7}).seconds
match (dest:Stop) where = 'Penzance' with dest, st
match p=(st)-[:NEXT_STOP*]->()-->(dest:Stop)
return p
call journey.find('ABD', 'PNZ', localdatetime('2021-01-09T08:00:00')) yield path return path