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Collection of Neo4j Docker Compose files

This repository contains a few compose files to quickly fire up various various configurations. All configurations create files beneath $HOME/tmp/docker/, with each configuration in its own directory structure.

Simple Cluster

Defines a simple causal cluster with 3 cores and 1 read replica. No default database definded, so will fall back to default 'neo4j'. APOC is included.

Fabric (Dev)

Starts a single Neo4j 4. 0 instance with Fabric enabled. The Fabric database name is example. This setup follows the Development setup example in the operations manual.

Fabric minimal setup

Database db1 is created as default database. db2 needs to be created via

:use system
create database db2

The availability of db2 can be checked with show databases.

Fabric Cluster

Starts a causal cluster with 3 cores and 2 Fabric instances, as described in Cluster setup with no single point of failure example in the operations manual. The ports divert slightly as to avoid port clashes (all run on localhost). Fabric setting with Causal Cluster.

Database db1 is created as default database. db2 and db3 need to be created via

:use system
create database db2
create database db3

Not all ports of the contained instances are available on the docker host. The HTTP port of Server1 is passed to the host, so that the Neo4j browser can be reached. From there, all Bolt ports are available.

For a visual description of the port mapping see

Portmapping and instances
Figure 1. Portmapping and instances
  • Browser URL: http://localhost:47474/ or http://localhost:57474/

  • Bolt (Fabric): neo4j://localhost:47687 or neo4j://localhost:57687

  • Bolt (Cluster): these are only needed to administer the cluster databases

    • neo4j://localhost:17687 or

    • neo4j://localhost:27687 or

    • neo4j://localhost:37687

  • User: neo4j

  • Password: changeme

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